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HDR Advantage All Purpose Saddle

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Great for beginner or pleasure riders, the Henri de Rivel Advantage All Purpose Saddle is classic and comfortable. Whether showing, schooling, jumping, or on the flat, this saddle is...

HDR Advantage Chafeless Girth

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Chafeless, contour design made with quality leather makes this a comfortable choice. Triple elastic end, stainless steel roller buckles. Sizes 42 to 56 in Havana Sizes 36 to 56 in Oak Bark

HDR Advantage Close Contact Saddle (Flocked)

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The Henri de Rivel Advantage Close Contact Saddle is designed for beginner, amateur, or pleasure riders who enjoy jumping. The padded flaps, with knee assist, are for rider support and...

HDR Advantage Close Contact Saddle (Foam)

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A classic hunt seat saddle with generous foam panels provide balance and comfort for the horse. And the flat seat and padded flap with a concealed knee roll offer the rider a good platform for...

HDR Advantage Draw Reins - Rounded Nylon / Leather Snap

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These Draw Reins include a round nylon material to glide through the bit rings without impediment. Made to encourage green horses to move forward in carriage, these draw reins apply gentle pressure...

HDR Advantage Fancy Raised Snaffle Bridle

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A lovely, fancy raised snaffle bridle to complement the HDR Advantage Saddlery Collection. Nice quality at a reasonable price.  An economical choice for beginner riders.  Includes laced...

HDR Advantage Flat Breastplate Martingale

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The Henri de Rivel Advantage Flat Breastplate Martingale with Standing Attachment has a simple, flat design that is suited to the conservative rider. Featuring all leather, it will hold up to years...

HDR Advantage Flat Laced Reins

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These Flat Laced Reins are perfect for multiple disciplines with a traditional laced design. Our Henri de Rivel Advantage Flat Laced Reins are offered in a couple of color options to match your HDR...

HDR Advantage Flat Running Martingale

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The HDR Advantage Flat Running Martingale comes in two distinctive colors so that you can select the one that best matches your riding tack. Sizes: Cob, Horse Colors: Australian Nut, Havana

HDR Advantage Hunt Bridle

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For our foxhunters, the Henri de Rivel Advantage Hunt Bridle is traditional, durable, and affordable. Crafted with quality, imported leather and stainless steel hardware, this conservative...

HDR Advantage Leather Halter

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The HDR economical leather halters are made to be comfortable enough for your horse to wear all day during casual training and shows.  Henri de Rivel Advantage Leather Halters are made from...

HDR Advantage Overlay Girth

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Quality leather girth with shaped overlay design for strength, durability and comfort. Triple elastic end and stainless steel roller buckles. Colors:  Australian Nut, Havana Sizes 42 to 56